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Collateral and White Papers
We're a direct response agency; that means we always include a call to action in our copy and we use designs that guide readers visually to the offer or the 800 number. But what about situations where no immediate action is required? Examples include a "leave behind" brochure used by your sales force to establish company credibility, or an explanatory leaflet about a complex product.
At Beasley Direct, we believe these are still direct response situations — because there is always a desired result from the person reading your collateral. Maybe you want them to understand technical issues so they don't make an expensive call for live help. Maybe you want to improve your close rate by supporting the sales argument after the salesperson is gone.
That's why, when we're asked to execute a collateral assignment, we make it work harder by layering on our expertise in direct response. It can look pretty or refined and still get results. See this example for PayCycle.
White Papers
White papers are a special category of collateral — "thought leadership" documents on a particular topic, usually technical, which are often designed to show the sponsoring organization's expertise so you'll feel more comfortable doing business with them. White Papers can make great offers to generate quality leads because only people interested in the information tend to respond.
We are often asked to research and recommend white papers for our clients and, when we don't find the right document, we can create one. Our writers are particularly attuned to this task because they're research oriented from the get-go, insisting on learning about a product or service before they try to describe it to a target audience. And it's an easy transition to apply this methodology to create a deeper document designed to educate as well as sell.
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Marketing Collateral & White Papers